Star Castle Reloaded

Star Castle Reloaded

Ages 4+

Star Castle Reloaded

Robert Porter

Designed for both iPhone and iPad & Android devices

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Star Castle Reloaded – a refresh on a classic arcade game with a huge following. This game is known for it’s addictive game play and increasing difficulty. We think it’s time to introduce this exceptional game to a new generation of gamers.

Star Castle is a single player outer space action game designed with features geared for maximum player appeal : A progressively difficult competitive level and a clearly defined enemy which must be both attacked and avoided at various points in the course of play.

The center of the playfield is occupied by the Star Castle which is programmed to constantly home in on the players’ ships. Surrounding the Star Castle are three concentric energy rings of twelve segments each, which serve as both a protective perimeter for the Star Castle and a source of points for the player. Contained within the energy rings are three protective mines which seek out the players’ ships and destroy them upon collision. The movements of the mines are programmed to simulate the actions of heat-seeking missiles.


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